Food Tour with Carolyn

I love hanging out with my friend Carolyn because we have the same objectives: treats (in moderation?), good restaurants, barefoot contessa viewing, wine, and frequent bathroom breaks. We also share a love of photographing everything we see. This image of a squirrel pretty much sums up what we did:

Treats! That’s pretty much our main priority! We also saw the Public Garden and the Boston Common.

And then there was a duck photo shoot which might be added at a later date. We had dinner at Figs which is an awesome and affordable restaurant in Beacon Hill. I got to meet Carolyn’s old roommate who just finished law school. She promised that there was a life after 1L. This made me happy.

Our visit wasn’t all treats and photo shoots. We also went on a two miler. Blog confession: my vacation working out has not really been happening. But I’ve been doing a lot of walking and also I kept pace with Carolyn which is awesome because she’s running a 1/2 marathon on Sunday!! WOOOO Carolyn! More specific food posts to follow…


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