Snacking Through Lunch

I’ve noticed the past few days I’ve been having snacks instead of a formal lunch. One of my favorite snacks are Lara Bars. This is another thing I’ve noticed my favorite bloggers eating. The ingredients in this bar, literally, are cashews and dates. Kinda like a healthy Turkish Delight (favorite dessert item of mine!)

I’ve been doing a good job of focusing on studying but I’ve allowed my mind to stray a bit. Things I’ve thought about in the past 4 hours:

  • Maybe I will do a 30 day Jillian Micheal’s shred in June or maybe July. Anyone done this or have any thoughts on the topic?
  • If I need a formal dress before I finish losing weight and get my formal dresses tailored I’m totally using “Rent the Runway”. Maybe my birthday?
  • I still really want to do all my shopping at Whole Foods.
  • I want an espresso machine in my apartment.
  • The redesign of Pandora is distracting.
  • I hate that finals are making me break out.
  • The “countdowns” all my friends have going are making me anxious.

That’s about it for now! Back to present estates and future interests!


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