Sugar Rush

What does one do when finals are looming? Learn to drive defensively and eat lots of sweets of course! I was lent a car by my awesome cousin so we went to all my favorite places: Clementine, Target and then drove the 101 to the 405, got off at Wilshire, realized I was headed towards Susie Cakes so we made a pit stop. All in all, a perfect day. Over by Ameba Records was a food truck I’d never seen before, Buttermilk. Clearly this was a good point to stretch my legs so I got out and try it.

They had some off the wall items, like a red velvet pancake…

I opted for home made cake doughnuts!

YUM! I got sugar all over my phone and my outfit but it was so worth it! There was just enough sugar to be sweet but not too sweet. They were gone in a matter of moments. I love a classic cake doughnut.

After my freeway adventure, which went well, the car was pointed in the direction of Susie Cakes so we stopped by and got another treat!

OK, so the red velvet was good, but it wasn’t as good as the pineapple upside down cupcake! Remember that? They had it but I wanted to try something new. My cousin Joe had the marble cake which I tried. It was truly delish. The cake was moister than the red velvet cupcake. Boy, do I LOVE treats! I did have a bit of a sugar hangover, which I cured with a run. My run was really hard in the middle but the back of my legs are sore in a way they haven’t been before which I am excited about. Today really was a fun day!


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