1 Down, 3 To Go

Guess what? It’s that time of year again, FINALS! Yesterday I had my first final, Lawyering Skills. Lawyering skills is a year long class at UCLA which teaches students the basics of legal research, writing, statutory interpretation, etc. We had that final yesterday. Even though classes don’t technically end until Tuesday, finals are in full swing.

This is my second Starbucks Breakfast Blend coffee this AM. My french press is going to get a work out. The next final is a week from Tuesday and the topic is property (which was one of my favorite classes this semester).

I have an illness, and the only cure in MORE MIND MANAGER! I love Mind Manger and now I think strictly in flow charts. OK, back to work.

Oh, and UCLA 1L’s, chick here for access to the entire text of the property Examples & Explanations. I found it for FREE online this AM and I think everyone should benefit.

edit: I have been informed that it is NOT full text, but its pretty damn complete, and thus, still useful.


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