Look Muffy, A Book For Us!

The past few days I have been re reading parts of one of my favorite pieces of literature of all time: The Preppy Handbook.

Being from the North Shore of Chicago, being preppy is in my blood. Growing up my mom popped his collar (“you look like a vampire!” my brother and I would yell) and my dad wore a pike lacoste polo shirt to bring me home from the hospital when I was born. I was a girl after all! I love the tongue in cheek humor of the preppy handbook and the whole lifestyle. Its really a throwback to a less complicated time. Preppy-dom feels like a comfy safe home for me.

So, you can imagine that I was excited to hear that the original creators of the Preppy Handbook were writing a modern update of the preppy handbook. A book for us! I really hope more communities in the North Shore are recognized (last time only Lake Forest was) and I am interested to see what the update has to say about modern technology etc. Apparently the book will include “how the old guard of natural-fiber-loving, dog-worshipping, G&T-soaked preppies adapts to the new order of the Internet, cell phones, rehab, political correctness, reality TV and . . . polar fleece”. It also will include:

• Wardrobe: Recent prep brands we are forced to recognize. How to tell Casual Friday from, say, Saturday.
• Money: We never talk about it.
• Food: Does the Food Network mean we’re going to have to cook? Bake? Now you’re going too far.
• Scandals: Poor Mrs. Astor. When Mummy’s plastic surgery goes terribly wrong. Rehab and the slammer: the new prep schools.
• We’re outta here: When to name something after yourself, and when not. The right obituary. What to do with your dogs if you predecease them.

You can read about the new version here. It will be released in September. Humm… late birthday present for me?

-Left Coast

PS: Just read that their opening a stand alone JCrew wedding boutique. omg. omg. omg.


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