Lame, I know

Ok, so normally I would think this is totally lame and you all know I hardly do this… but how cute is my cat?

If she hadn’t woken up and pounced on my feet with her claws out ten seconds later she would be more adorable. At least she has a killer instinct. She also allows be to illustrate a point: I finished Game Change a while ago and moved on to Tales of the City.

Overall, I found Game Change to be very readable, especially for political junkie like me. It was fun to revisit the election a year after its completion. I thought the part of the book about the democratic primary was a bit long and dragged in the middle. I suppose it illustrated how the election felt to those paying close attention to it? Maybe. I found it to be a fairly detached rendition of what happened. The authors could have really ripped into, say Sarah Palin for example. They only do so by comparing her run as to Bidens. This is especially visible when debate prep is talked about. Also, John Edwards, WHAT A SCUM BAG! Holy moly! And so delusional. On the whole, I would recommend Game Change to anyone interested in politics, race and politics, gender and politics etc. Now, moving on to what were reading now:

What is Tales of the City? Well, per my mother and wikipedia, Tales of the City is a series of columns by Armistad Maupin first published in the San Francisco Chronicle in the mid 1970’s. They are based around a women who moves to San Francisco from Ohio and moves into a building with an eccentric land lady, Mrs. Madrigal. The book has short “chapters” and is focused around the truly colorful characters who reside at 28 Barbury Lane. I started Tales over spring break and really like it. The short chapters make it easy to read before bed in small snippets. I also like the “Midwest girl moves to California” plot and the characters are very colorful! Plus, San Francisco in the 1970’s is eminently readable. I look forward to reading all the Tales of the City books.

-Left Coast


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