Personal Best

Hey Bloggies,

Major milestone to announce! This morning I ran the 4.1 mile loop around campus. This is the longest run that I have attempted since I started back and I have to say I felt great afterward! I feel like my body is changing and accomplishing my fitness and health goals is really empowering.

After running I treated myself to Chipotle. I actually wasn’t really hungry until about 2:00. I actually have some tips on how to do Chipotle on a diet. First of all, I use the Chipotle calculator to determine what I’m eating. I also always order a veggie burrito because they give you Guac for free (and honestly, isn’t that the best part of a burrito?) Then I only eat half. This burrito had tomatoes, lettuce, guac, cheese, fajita veggies, and rice.

Nom! So good! I ate half for lunch and the other half for dinner. This was in between all my cooking!

Easter is tomorrow. I love Easter and all the Easter fanfare so I am cooking Easter dinner for my friends. I did most of the prep today as I am going to church at the Hollywood Bowl tomorrow (!). If that’s not Easter fanfare, I don’t know what is. Anyways, were having almost the traditional Rassenfoss/Swanson Easter dinner: roasted asparagus, funeral potatoes (and I promise they won’t be served on spinach), jello salad (as if there is any other kind), dinner rolls, dessert, and Swedish meatballs.

Traditionally in my family we eat ham on Easter, mostly, I think, because it pairs well with Riesling, but tomorrow I am making Swedish meatballs in homage to my Grandpa who died two years ago on April 5th. I did this last year and it seems like an apt way to memorialize him. Its weird to think that its been two years. So much has changed since then but thinking about that time brings be instantly back to where I was, what I was going through, and my life at that time. Certain things just have the power to transport you back, ya know? Anyway, I’m glad I decided to break with tradition and make them. Its a great way to remember a great man.

So, what does this mean? More blog posts of course! I still have some Spring break posts to put up and Easter will be up in no time. I hope everyone has a great holiday no matter what you celebrate and to those of you that do celebrate Easter, its a bit early but… Alleluia!


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