Bing Crosby’s

It’s official: I have the musical taste of a 70 year old man. I like jazz standards and Mo town. My favorite cassette growing up was Bing Crosby. I listened to “Christmas in Killarney” year round. When my Mom and I were in Palm Desert we passed a restaurant named Bing Crosby’s. We decided it would be the perfect place to stop in for a night cap on our last evening together.

I have to say that Mom and I were slightly let down. The vibe was awesome, but not as awesome as we hoped. They have big leather booths, like something out of the 40’s. There were also black and white photos lining the walls. There was a piano and a man who claimed to be the “Marlborough Man” singing standards. It was also a major senior pick up spot and man do the oldies love to dance. Some were tearing up the floor, at least as much as an 80 year old man and his face lifted but also likely 80 year old wife can. I ordered my old standard: Dirty Bombay Martini

Mom ordered a Grand Marnier, how classy! Barefoot would be proud…

Overall, while it did not exceed our wildest expectations it was still a pretty good place for a night cap. I was the youngest person there by about 30 years and the men sitting next to us seriously didn’t believe that I was old enough to be in a bar but I got to hear the old music I like and it was a good way to end the week.


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