Jin Patisserie

Last weekend when my Dad and I were kicking around Venice we decided to stop in at Jin Patisserie for cake and some tea! The courtyard was so cute! There were little tables in the courtyard in front of the house that the patisserie is housed in. It was a sunny afternoon and the weather was perfect for sitting outside and having a little cake.

I ordered the Lavender Gateau cake. It was layer cake infused with lavender, butter cream, bitter chocolate ganache, and lavender sponge. It was so light and there was a slight lavender flavor. The chocolate ganache perfectly balanced out the lavender cake flavor. I highly recommend this cake.

To top it off I ordered Turkish tea! So good and we all know about my love of Turkey. I will absolutely visit this place again. On a similar note, I really loved Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice. Its such a great walkable area and I can see myself hanging out in cafes and reading a book. Something to think about for the future…



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