A beautiful prison… no?

Sorry for the lacking of updates but I have updates ready to roll! Just need to write about it.Part of the reason is that I went out for the most amazing burger of my life at Father’s Office a few days ago, but it took up two hours of my night, which meant that the rest of the night was sadly not devoted to blogging.

This is what I have been up to for the past few days… memoing, summer job searching, reading, trying to learn easements, cite checking to get onto journals and the like. Its been busy but a lot less stressful than I was a few weeks ago.

Today I had lunch at the exclusive faculty lounge at UCLA. The team went with Prof. Civ Pro. I had “California Chicken”. Any food can have the word “California” in front of it, so long as the food contains avocado. It also had cheese and tomato and was delicious. I thought about taking a picture but I didn’t want to look crazy in front of a professor.

I watched the State of the Union last night while eating (more) soup! I might post a rely later. Just wanted to say that I loved Obama attacking the recent Supreme Court decision.

Thought of the day: Skim Brie is SO not the same as regular brie. I won’t be buying it again.


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