Eric's Brithday

This was a very exciting weekend, which is why there hasn’t been a post for several days. On Thursday, it was Eric’s birthday. The cake did end up being a surprise thanks to a lie about the gynecologist. We just got one from Ralph’s. It was Chrissy’s idea for the cake to be for “Enrique”.

We were the first people to arrive. I brought my own drink to the pre game. I normally do this for several reasons. First, I can make what ever I want. Yes, I’m that girl rolling into pre game turning my noise up to the lemon vodka and drinking a home made dirty martini. Plus, then I have one drink I like and I can nurse it for a while. This week I made the cocktail that Carolyn thought of when she visited (gin, lemon-cello, topped off with sparkling wine). It was fabulous.

Then we also got to try a cake that Eric brought back from his brother’s wedding. Apparently its tradition to give them as favors. It was really good, red bean with some type of nut. So good.

Then we went to the Parlor, but not before almost getting shutdown by the UCPD. Yes, because we are the party. Actually, Section 8 is “the party” with their public drunkenness, vandalism, throwing shot glasses off the balcony. Parlor was ok. It’s like a sports bar type place. We weren’t there long, but it was a good night.

Kal, Chrissy, Me, Eric, Haylee


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