Golden Globes 2010

After scouring the web for photos and watching all the coverage on E! I present my best and worst dressed. I cannot wait to watch Joan Rivers tonight. I grew up on Joan and Melissa on the red carpet. Such a treat that shes back. Also I find Ryan Seacrest to be kind of a perv. I wish they would just give the pre show to Giulianna. All of this is in no particular order.

Best Dressed: Women

Emily Blunt (best accessory, the adorable John Krasinski)

Toni Collette

Anna Paquin (Sidenote: apparently she just got her drivers license! Makes me like her more since we both don’t drive!)

Best Dressed: Men

Male style is simple and its hard for it to go wrong. So many men looked great. I love a classic tux. See George Clooney, John Krasinski, and Alex Skarsgard. Also Joseph Gorden Levitt: so SO CUTE. Loved (500) Days of Summer and I just want to cuddle him.

But when it goes bad… man does it go bad…

Worst Dressed: MenMickey Rourke (I cannot say that I am surprised… the hat? the shoes? the rent a date? the snake skin lapel?)

Also, James Cameron’s Hair (too OLD for your hair to be that long!)

Worst Dressed:Women

Julianne Moore – Horrible fit, awful color. Is this a funeral? I like her earring and I won’t mention her hair since it was probably wet.

Tina Fey (It kills me because I love her so much, but the short dress? She was so great last Golden Globes in the class black. Have to say that I was very let down)

Diane Kruger (just no. Also, is Joshua Jackson’s crotch wet or just poorly fit?)

The Awards:

I thought the show was really good this year, at least as far as award shows go. Mo’Nique’s acceptance speech was amazing. I was almost in tears. I also loved Drew Berrymore’s speech and I was so thrilled she and Grey Gardens were recognized. It was one of my favorite things last year and I was so happy they won. I was also very pleased that Glee won for best comedy along with Meryl Streep for best actress in the comedy film.

I have not seen The Blind Side, but I have a hard time seeing Sandra Bullock as best actress when she was up against who she was up against. Although I haven’t seen it so no comment. I did think that George Clooney and Up In the Air were robbed. I know that Avatar was a huge achievement but I thought that overall, Up In the Air was an amazing and beautiful movie. Hopefully the same mistake won’t be made at the Oscars. Of course, this is the time when I curse out the Academy for having 10 best pic noms this year.


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