Golden Globe Night

So tonight is the Golden Globes. I will list my fashion highlights later and any rants about people that were robbed.PS: Chloe Sevieney (spelling?) just won. I like her makeup and hair and accessories but that dress is too couture for this show.

Today was a good day. I got a massage and a facial. The massage was amazing. Totally what I needed. She found the knots in my upper back from my school bag and completely worked them out. Also I apparently am not washing my face enough because there were many embedded blackheads which had to be forcibly ripped from my face. ouch. But I will say that my skin looks good and the swelling and redness around my former blackheads is subsiding.

Iz loves tuna...

In any case, I came home with take out sushi. Sushi night means that Izzy sits on my lap and eyes the tuna I am eating. So yummy though. I love the crispy rice with spicy tuna.

take out sushi night


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