Words of Wisdom

I was totally off the blogger grid on Mother’s Day but I did manage to see some fantastic posts from Jenna and Tina about the 10 things they learned from their moms. LCCMom likes being anonymous but she has taught me many awesome lessons that I feel need to be shared with the general public in honor of Mother’s Day.

Mom sponsored eating excursion in England. Yes, I ate scones before the age of 2, don’t act surprised.

1) Fit is everything. Don’t buy clothing that doesn’t fit. It doesn’t matter how expensive or inexpensive it is if it fits well. If it doesn’t fit then get it tailored to make it fit. If it doesn’t fit then don’t wear it, don’t buy it, it doesn’t matter what it is or how trendy it is or who makes it. Don’t get me wrong though, we have different ideas about what ‘fit’ actually is. Style rules by Mom.

2) Indulge in small, fancy things. Yes, $4 cupcakes are an “affordable indulgence” that one deserves every once in a while.

3) Don’t waste time on the pity pot. Dwelling on the bad will not get you anywhere.

4) How to make the best brownies ever.

5) A clean house helps you work better. In theory, I follow this.

6) If its 15 degrees and snowing but you really want an iced tea then get the iced tea.

7) Accept the things you can and cannot change. You cannot change the action of another person but you can always shift your attitude and your reactions.

8 ) Independence is a good thing.

9) How to remove a thick layer of burned sugar from a pan. You don’t want to know.

10) There really is no good substitute for butter. Sorry vegans. It’s just how we feel.

Thanks LCCMom for all the great life lessons!

What did your Mom or Dad teach you?