Get off your pity pot and go to Yogurtland!

With the second week of second semester drawing to a close, I think all of us 1L’s are a bit on edge. Whose bright idea was it to have grades, summer job stress, new classes, and new memos all happen in the same two weeks!? It was Satan, wasn’t it?

Needless to say my stress was only compounded when I realized I’d missed the deadline on an ungraded research assignment by one hour and there was the potential to dock points from my next graded memo. It sent me over the edge for a short time. But finally I got off the pity pot and went to the place where dreams come true: Yogurtland!!

the promise land

Yogurtland is this amazing yogurt shop in So Cal. Unlike Pinkberry and Red Mango there are flavors beyond “tart”. Also, the yogurt is self serve style so you can load up on as many flavors and toppings as you want! Finally the price is determined by weight. So, in a nut shell, one can load up on millions of yummy flavors (literally filling the cup to the top) and only pay $4.38. That is less than the price of a small at Pinkberry with toppings.

one of my favorite flavors!

Instant Mood Boost!

chocolate, coconut, and pistachio

I always try to get pistachio, chocolate, and coconut flavored yogurt. Then I load up the toppings. There is one side that is mostly fruit and other healthy toppings and the other side has everything delicious like chocolate chips, moochi, cookie dough bits, and syrups. Unlike a health conscious trip to Pinkberry or Red Mango, the temptation towards the “bad” toppings at Yogurtland is more than I can handle. I get always get moochi, dark chocolate chips, yogurt chips, grapes and chocolate syrup.

colorful healthy toppings

dessert first!

So bad its good and it got me off the pity pot!

Finally, note the nice new pictures. Higher quality than the previous ones which were taken on my iphone. Thanks you, Cannon Power Shot!


Welcome to left coast contessa!

Welcome to Left Coast Contessa!

My name is Katherine. This is the first post on Left Coast Contessa. Please bear with me while I work out the kinks and get my blogging groove. I am getting my digital camera this weekend, which I will use to document LA, law school, traveling, my life but mostly food and cocktails.

For my inaugural post I will blog about a delicious cocktail that I had last night. One of my main Boston besties, my former room mate Carolyn was in LA last week. For her last night we went to a Westwood favorite for happy hour, Palominos ( They have a good happy hour menu with $4 drinks (although somewhat limited selection to choose from), $5 flat bread pizzas, and half price appetizers. Perfect happy hour staples. Of course, we roll in to the bar and immediately decide that, we don’t want a pomegranate margarita or house wines which populate the happy hour drink menu. Instead I ordered a Lavender Cosmo and Carolyn opted for a “hot and dirty” (or, you know, just dirty martini with jalapeno stuffed olives)

Disclaimer: I am a picky cocktail drinker. After weeks of self reflection I think it stems from turning 21 in Boston. Bars like Drink, Church, Beacon Street Tavern, Banq, and Living Room all have ruined me and turned me into a bit of a cocktail snob. Along that same theme, I like stronger cocktails. My default drink is a dirty gin martini and I also love Lillet Blanc, Gin, St. Germain. My second favorite “sweet” cocktail is a south side.

I have had drinks before at Palomino’s and found them to be too sweet. I am specifically referring to the ginger pear martini. I love pear martinis and I love ginger flavored everything, but needless to say it was a saccharin strike out.

So, getting back to the Lavender Cosmo.

I first feared it would be too sweet but I took a leap of faith and tried it. The drink is 1 oz cranberry juice, 1 oz mandarin vodka, 1 oz parfait amour. It is all topped off with lavender sugar on the rim of the glass. I had never had lavender sugar before, and it was one of the key elements of the drink which intrigued me. Overall it was light and had a mild flowery flavor. The only flaw was that the sugar got all over the stem of the glass and made it sticky. Luckily I hadn’t had anything to eat since 12:30 so I didn’t mind the stickiness once the drink was half gone.

Lavender Cosmo with Lavender Sugar as a garnish

Overall, this cocktail was a win. I will order a Lavender Cosmo again. I will be interested to see how a different restaurant (perhaps one less chain-y) would make it.  As for the hot and dirty? I love a dirty martini… they can do no wrong in my eyes.


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