Sick Day

Yesterday after I hit publish on my blog post I felt something coming on. Sure enough,today I woke up feeling like crap, and after keeping my head up through my 9:30 class I decided it was time to honor my body and go home. I haven’t been sick in almost two years so this fatigued head cold really is knocking me down. But really, what is the point of sitting in class, barely able to focus, passing the germs around? No point.

Someone was very excited when I came home at 11 am…

Actually, she looks suspicious in that picture. Oh well.

Mid day I emerged from my couch to get some sick essentials.

Does anyone else remember these? I remember them coming in a box and I would eat them all the time when I was sick (and even when I wasn’t sick!)

I remember them looking like this:


So yummy. I also stopped by Jerry’s Deli for matzoh ball soup.

Obviously this sick day fave came with bagel chips…

Bonus: I flirted my way into a free ginger ale from the counter man at Jerry’s. Left Coast FTW!

Besides ginger ale I enjoyed another sick day favorite: tea!

My mom makes the best honey tea ever. I might have to have some before bed. Of course it isn’t the same when I make it but its worth a shot.

I am starting to feel a little bit better and I hope to be at 70% tomorrow. I hate missing school. I know the golden nugget of wisdom that will make or break exam season isn’t going to happen tomorrow but I hate missing class. I also have a really busy weekend with a 10k and many Halloween events so I hope I was able to head this cold off at the pass today. Fingers crossed please!