Apartment Spotlight: My Cocktail Tray

If you’ve ever met me or read my blog you know that I love cocktails.

I swear, I’m a classy person and in no way a lush.

I have wanted a cocktail cart for a while. I have many, many cocktail supplies that have never had a special home. Well never fear because the cocktails have a new forever home!

This is by no means anything. I like to keep most of my alcohol in the freezer (it’s where my gin, vodka, and limonchello reside) and I have martini glasses and wine glasses that are not out on display. Plus my lime was cut so it was living in the fridge.

I picked up the tray at a thrift store. LCCMom spied it, shined it up and now it looks fantastic.

Bet you didn’t know that I won the California Horse Trials in 1980! Oh yes, I am a grand horse lady. Just kidding.

My cocktail shaker holds my cocktail supplies of which I have many.

Let’s break this thing down.

1. Rubber bottle stopper

2. Fancy bottle stopper

3. Jigger

4. Bottle opener

5. Mini whisk

6. Juicer, which has holes in the bottom which ensures that seeds don’t get in your drink

6 (number 2, whoops!). Wine bottle opener

7. Peeler/twist maker

It’s so nice to have everything in one place.

Friday was a fun but crazy day. I was in Children’s Court and had a long drive home on the 10 (it took over 1 hour). I went on a run and then I came home and prepared myself a drink. It was well past cocktail o’clock and I needed some GTL and by GTL I mean Gin, Tonic, and Lime.

I made my new favorite drink, which is a take on a Gin and Tonic.

This drink is 2 jiggers Gin, 1 jigger St. Germain, topped off with tonic water, and two wedges of lime, one squeezed in my seedless juicer and the other just thrown in for fun. It’s a different take on a gin and tonic and is delicious!

How do you celebrate your Fridays? Besides listening to “Friday” over and over ad nauseam? I’m looking at you Kaitlin and Amanda.