Welcome to the Future

Do you think this is what the skype people had in mind when they were creating their product? Today at the Constitutional Law review session my professor skyped in from France. Goldstein was a total champ for spyking in from France at 11 pm. If I were in France I would be eating a fromage course and drinking red wine, not leading a review session. Plus, the session its self was highly entertaining. Nothing like an older man with a headset and some prankster was sending a message across the screen that said “Antonin Scalia, ‘I am the law””.

After a highly entertaining review session I went on a run. It was a really hard run, and not in a good way. My legs felt like they were in peanut butter. I’m not sure if it was the wind, the fact that I’ve been sitting a lot, or the fact that I hadn’t had any protein but I couldn’t seem to “break through”. It was frustrating and I didn’t feel satisfied after my run so I did “yoga abs” on the On Demand. It was nice to do something not running so I plan to incorporate it more often. Yoga is such a great workout and really works your arms and abs. I really want focus on working yoga and abs into my workout on a consistent basis.