153 Akira in Wilmette

I am about to make a bold statement, but it is 100% appropriate: Akira is the best sushi I have ever had. And this is coming from a girl who has had a ton of sushi in her day. I love sushi and I could have it everyday it if was practical and I could afford it. Akira opened a couple of years ago in my hometown. It is in the space that the Buttery was in and only operated at night (the Buttery still operated in the day time). Akira was so popular that they shut the Buttery down. It is even listed as one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago.

Akira has the best specialty rolls that I have ever tasted bar none. They not only look beautiful but the fish is super fresh and the flavors melt in your mouth.I went there for dinner once during break but David and I decided that we wanted to go back for lunch. It took approximately no convincing.

David and I both got miso to start the meal off. David announced that it was “really good” and I have to concur. It was the best miso I have had in a long time. Incredibly flavorful.

I ordered two rolls: the Boston roll and the turtle roll. The Boston roll is a classic roll and the turtle roll is a specialty roll.

The Boston roll had salmon, lettuce, Japanese mayo, avocado, cucumber, and flying fish roe. All the ingredients were so fresh and delicious. The lettuce was especially crisp.

The turtle roll was next. It is my long standing favorite.

See how it looks like a turtle?!

Another glamor shot:

The turtle roll has fresh water eel and tempura crunch rolled outside with cooked shrimp topped with wasabi toblko, and finished with a creamy wasabi sauce. This is hands down, the perfect sushi roll. Between eel, shrimp, a little crunch and the creamy wasabi sauce this roll is literal perfection. Nothing will ever top this roll for me.

David ordered the Dragon roll which was a pretty sensational presentation.

Yep that’s right, the roll had a tail.

The dragon rolls is a California roll with unagi and avocado on top. David said that it was very pleasing.

Beyond the excellent sushi and presentation, Akira also has fantastic service. My parents are regulars and Kelly, the owner, always remember me (no small accomplishment since I probably only get to go to Akira once or twice a year).  She always greets us at the door with a smile on her face. As David and I were leaving she handed us a special treat.

David and I enjoyed this while we walked over to the Wilmette Theater.

Isn’t my hometown charming? You know what is even more charming? The fact that the movie ticket was only $6.25! Yes, you heard me. I love the Arclight but this was more than 50% less than the Arclight. I will take it! Also, on Monday’s they have free popcorn. So I got popcorn, soda, and a movie for $8. Can’t beat that deal.

David and I saw Black Swan and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I am not one for intense movies but I really liked this one. It wasn’t too scary and I thought both Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman did  a great job. I really liked the plot line and it kept me guessing. David and I were still talking about it the next day.

I’ve been on a bit of a movie spree. While I was home, in addition to Black Swan, I saw The Fighter, The Kings Speech, and The Social Network. I am a bit of an award season junkie so I had to gear up with holiday movies. All the movies were good but Colin Firths performance in the Kings Speech, Jesse Eisenberg in the Social Network, and Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale in The Fighter were especially good. I will say that every time Wahlberg spoke in the Fighter I couldn’t help but think of the “Mark Wahlberg talks to animals” sketch on SNL. Am I the only one? Also I thought the sisters in The Fighter were very entertaining.

Have you seen any movies over the holiday? What did you see and how did you like it? I still have a couple I want to see but am always looking for a good rec!


Left Coast goes Lake Coast!

After Boston I flew directly to Chicago to spend a few days with my parents and brother before I started to work. I love O’Hare airport! So well laid out and you can’t walk 500 feet without running into a Starbucks.

I had a pretty chill time in Chicago. I was able to run 2 of 5 days that I was home which was great. I also had a great recovery treat, a Green Monster! My family looked at me like I was insane but this is an awesome post run snack.

You can tell I’m home because the counter is significantly nicer! Add spinach, almond milk, and Greek yogurt in the blender and mix! It was so refreshing after a hot run. I also snacked on other things while home.

Like wonderful Starbucks ice teas! I used to have two a day while in high school. The people still recognize me at that Starbucks! I am now a Coffee Bean devote but when in Chicago, Starbucks is where its at.

I arrived home two days ago. I have to say that I am pretty exhausted. I am in that place where things have been crazy and I just want to chill. I had a great Memorial Day going to the beach (getting a bad sunburn), and seeing Sex and the City 2. But today was my first day of work and I am so tired. I haven’t worked out in several days now. I am going to eat dinner and do weights. Unfortunately my sun burn is right where my running shorts are and I don’t want to aggravate the burn but I am dying to get back into routine! This is the first night alone in my apartment in almost 3 weeks so hopefully I am getting back to normal. I want to be back on the running wagon, back on the yoga wagon, and back on the well portioned healthy eating wagon. Hopefully I’m getting there.