The blog is back!

Hey guys!

I know I said my return to blogging would happen weeks ago. What can I say? I’ve enjoyed doing far less the past few weeks. The weekend after the bar exam I went to San Diego and had a ton of fun. I had a ton of photos from bar week, my trip and random things after. However, last Friday my phone finally bit the dust. I’d had my android for 2 and a half years so I wasn’t that surprised by it. I went in to AT&T and upgraded to an iphone. Unfortunately, my photos didn’t transfer. Whoops.

However, the past week has been blog related action packed.

To the highlights!

Last weekend my law school bestie Chrissy was in town. It was great to get the whole law school gang together again. We’ve all scattered a little bit and been busy so it was awesome to see them every day last weekend. Miss these guys.

On Friday we ended up at Tom Bergin’s Irish Pub in LA for drinks. I love Tom Bergin’s. The vibe is always low-key and they have a great beer list. Anywhere with Stone IPA on draft is good in my book. Also, I ordered fish and chips. I have been craving fish and chips. It was like St. Patrick’s Day came early.

No photo of the food, bad blogger, but I did get this one of Chrissy and I by the Tom Bergin’s fire:

photo (6)

Saturday we went to Ethiopian food in little Ethiopia on Fairfax. I love Ethiopian food because it’s all meat and bread. Sorry, again I was an off duty blogger. That said, Rosalind’s in my favorite restaurant on Fairfax. The people there are unbelievably nice.

Sunday we all went on a hike at Tree People which is just north of Beverly Hills. I haven’t been on this trail before and it was a good one! The trail is well maintained, with lots of parking and decent views. Overall, it’s much less of a scene than Runyon which is kinda nice.

The gang. Please note my “Run Like El” shirt. So stoked to watch the LA Marathon today!

In other news, I need new running shoes:

I don’t think that I should be able to do that with my shoes.

I took the week of the bar and the week after more or less off from running but I’m getting back into the miles, although I do need to order new shoes!

I ran a total of 15 miles this week. I’m wearing replacement shoes until the new ones arrive because I do not want to risk an injury. I’m also cross training. I went to Soul Cycle in Santa Monica Friday.

For the record: Laura Crago is a beast and you need to take her class. Instead of only doing weights, she had us grab our towels and use those. At first I thought it would be easy but damn was I wrong. My shoulders may never be the same! She also encouraged us to ride with our hair down. It reminded me of doing Bikram with my hair down while in college. Basically, my hair turned into a brunette lion’s mane. It was awesome. I love Soul Cycle. I wish I had the budget to go more frequently!

The past week has been scattered with other random Irish things. I enjoy St. Patrick’s Day but let’s be honest, once you’ve celebrated in Boston you can’t celebrate in LA. It just isn’t the same level. Nothing compares to drinking openly at the Southie Parade. Besides dining at Tom Bergin’s Irish Pub last weekend, I indulged in two Irish theme treats.

First, the seasonal special cupcake from Susie Cakes: Guinness Chocolate Stout cupcake with Bailey’s Butter cream. It’s as good as it sounds, I promise.

Working at Susie Cakes perks! Love this cupcake. Sadly, it ended its run today but keep your eyes peeled next March for it!

In other treat news, after reading the Tom Bergin’s menu I had a genius idea to make Guinness Floats. Obviously, talking my boyfriend into making them with me took approximately 5 seconds.

All you need to do is scoop the ice cream and pour the Guinness on top. I love beer. I love ice cream. However, usually I would not combine to two but with Guinness I will make an exception. The creaminess from the ice cream is delicious with the Guinness. As you might guess, it was delicious. Perfect dessert anytime of the year!

Finally, I started an Instagram account. For more photos of alcohol and food follow @kathswanson on Instagram.

Hope everyone has a great St. Patrick’s Day!


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