this week

This week is for:

Sunday New York Times

Favorite reads this week include

  • the Sunday Style cover story on Tavi Gevinson who was a better blogger at 11 than I will be in my entire life. I want to read Rookie even though I am about 10 years too old for it.
  • Vacationing like a Candidate in the Travel section. Not the part about New Hampshire, but the part about the Obama’s not going to Martha’s Vineyard. Barry and I have both shopped in the same book store and like fried sea food. Now I want to go to the East Coast.
  • Which Mother for Isabella? The article is about the Miller Jenkins family which we talked about extensively in my LGBT Family Law class last fall. In a nutshell: a lesbian couple met, married, and had a kid. One of the partners later became super religious and renounced her lesbianism. Since then they have been in a massive custody battle moving between two jurisdictions (one that allows gay marriage and one who doesn’t). Oh, and the partner who renounced her lesbianism up and moved to Nicaragua with the kid to avoid the custody order. Needless to say, a fascinating read.

Plotting total kitchen domination

My kitchen has been dormant since at least the bar but lets be really honest, since about 6 months ago. When was the last time I broke out the Flour cookbook? I can’t tell you. It is on this week.


Its been over a week since I went to yoga. The need for a solid chaturanga cannot be over stated.

Cocktail with an umbrella sipping with friends

Because life is about balance right? Also FRIENDS! I’ve missed them.

But for now, I’m off to make magic with some figs. 

It’s good to be back.


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