Juris Doctored

Hey everyone. It’s been a busy week over here.

For starters, this happened:

Hooded and ready to go.

Last Friday my law school career officially ended with my law school graduation. I’m not sure I really have the words to describe the experience yet. Hands down, it was the greatest day of my life. Nerd alert: I’ve wanted to go to graduate school for as long as I can remember. Even when I was experimenting with other career tracks (including but not limited to psychiatrist, industrial organizational psychologist, social psychologist- sensing a theme there?) I knew I wanted a graduate degree. I’ve been working towards that moment for years, at least since the beginning of undergrad even though at the time I didn’t know I would be earning a juris doctor.

The day started with Clementine (scramble with American cheese, bacon, roasted tomato and avocado) and spent time beautifying and getting ready for the ceremony.

Ironically my graduations have become less formal as I’ve moved up the educational ladder. Blame it on my public high school that required us to wear white dresses and be escorted by boys while carrying a single red rose. The burgeoning feminist in me was slightly outraged at the time, and still kinda is. This graduation was awesome because it was super laid back. We leisurely walked in, got to sit with our friends and there was lots of cheering and yelling. The ceremony was long and we were sitting in the sun and I got a head ache half way through which was in no way related to the activities the night before so it kind of felt like a minor struggle, much like my whole law school experience.

What made the ceremony awesome was sitting with my favorite law school people.

See how sunny it was?

Before I knew it I was hooded and they presented us as Doctors of Law! It was a great moment I will never forget.

After photos and parents meeting parents my gang headed to an epic 2 hour dinner at Tavern. I was too busy being carried around on a metaphorical lily pad to take photos. I had two glasses of prosecco to ease the headache, artichoke with burrata and prosciutto, and duck confeit for dinner. For dessert I had a snickers bar because it’s what Barack would order.

Overall it was, like I said, the best day of my life. Thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes etc in the past week. I might not have replied to everyone but I read them all and they made my special day even more special.

My family was in town until Wednesday and we spent the rest of the time brunching, getting awkward tan lines at a Dodgers game, seeing Avengers, hiking in Runyon, shopping, and sipping Blue Bottle coffee in LA.

I have the rest of the week off and Monday I start my Bar Exam Prep Class. The bar exam is the end of July. I’m not sure what this means for LCC. Obviously, my focus needs to be on the exam. LCC has always been part of my life and I feel like blogging balances out my life and I need it for sanity sake. So that’s what I’m up to.

Also, I have made a decision regarding my fitness and running. I was diligently training for the Pasadena Half this weekend. I was doing well on my long runs and was feeling well. However, over the past few weeks I’ve been having some it band issues. Over spring break my left it band did something really funky which I never got into on the blog. I rebounded but with finals and then end of law school I fell off completing long runs and this further aggravated my right hip. I did a surprisingly speedy 8 miler a week ago. About 7 miles in my hip was really sore and the feeling stuck around for about a week. That said, I don’t want to hurt myself more and I will not be running this weekend. I really do want to best my half marathon PR but now just isn’t the right time. I’m going to keep running short distances throughout the bar (maybe a 10k or 5k thrown in there) and I’m going to dig into yoga more and give my body a little rest. I’ve been to yoga twice this week and I am really pushing my practice. It just feels good and I think it’s what my wants right now.

OK! So! With that, thank you AGAIN for all the love you all sent in the past week. Law school graduation is something I will never forget. If you want to read more about my law school career check out what I wrote about my law school experience.


8 thoughts on “Juris Doctored

  1. Congrats! You must have been sooooooooo happy! I hope you got your hooding on film/tape… I have mine (crappy quality) and will keep it whenever I need a moral boost!

    Sorry about the Pasadena half… that’s my hometown, so I am attached to this race. I will be out of town, though. Good decision to not go out and possibly mess yourself up over one race — there are plenty of others once you’ve completely healed.

  2. I love everything about this post.

    Congratulations! So glad your graduation was so amazing. So cool you said it was the greatest day of your life.

    That food looks amazing. Also, where is there Blue Bottle in LA??? I need that immediately.

    I guess my first sentence was a lie – IT band issues are a major bummer. Are you foam rolling a ton? I hate the fact that there is not a quick recover for those issues. Hang in there and that PR will come in 2012 I am sure.

  3. I skipped out of Pasadena too. Sigh.

    I think I congratulated on Twitter, but I know it doesn’t hurt to do it twice. Welcome to the UCLA alumni family. Sending smart and productive vibes for bar studying.

  4. hi! i just found your blog via another blog, i don’t remember which one. i’m studying for the bar too, and sometimes i get distracted by the internet and don’t know how i end up places 🙂

    anyhoo, just wanted to say hello to a fellow class of 2012 juris doctorate! good luck on the CA exam, i hear it’s a monster. at least here in colorado it’s only 2 days.

    and now back to the studying…

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