Palm Springs Weekend

So the #BestSemesterEver is off to a kicking start!

A few weeks ago my friends and I decided to kick off second semester 3L with a trip to Palm Springs for the long weekend. My friend’s family has a house there which was unoccupied for the long weekend so on Friday we packed up to Occupy Palm Springs.

I love the desert. I love the mountains and how they felt right on top of us.

I love the California sunshine. Never leaving.

We had a great weekend and it was so nice to be reunited with all my friends. I’m going to miss these weekends when law school is over. These people are some of the best ever.

Over the long weekend I:

  • Ate approximately 1,000 tortilla chips
  • Ran 3 miles in the shadow of the mountains

  • Watched the sun set
  • Jammed 5 people into my friend’s 1988 red BMW convertible blasting New Order

  • Consumed a 27 oz. “skinny” margarita

  • Ate numerous Mexican meals

  • Spent hours in the pool/hot tub
  • Helped my female friends dominate my guy friends at mini golf
  • Narrowly avoided a go-karting crash
  • Drove through Indian Country (I’ve been nerding out on Federal Indian Law and tribal law all year)

  • Picked citrus from trees, including monster lemon

  • Drank white sangria from aforementioned fruit

  • Put a clown noise on a dog.

  • Watched the Clippers own the Lakers, while also watching “sexting in suburbia” #ClipperNation
  • Cooked family dinner consisting of build your own tacos, quesadillas, and lemon bars

  • Walked into a cactus while trying to get to Starbucks. Whoops.

This semester is shaping up to be the best semester ever!

How did you spend your long weekend?


3 thoughts on “Palm Springs Weekend

  1. What a fun weekend! Love the look of that marg.

    One of my good friends flew down from SF (I hadn’t seen her in a year and a half) and we did a bunch of touristy LA things – Hollywood and Highland, hike to the Hollywood Sign, going out, Sunday Brunch. Just realized it probably merits a post of its own.

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