Treat yo self.

One of the bizarre side effects of finals and living in LA is that December doesn’t feel like December.

This year I’ve totally neglected to put out any decorations, hang my holiday wreath, bake Christmas cookies or buy Christmas presents before a week before Christmas. I also haven’t listened to Christmas music. I did watch both Love, Actually (I love this article about it) and Family Stone but other than that, I haven’t watched any Christmas movies. Whoops. Holiday season fail.

One thing, however, I will never fail at, is treating myself. Let’s just say, I’m kinda expert at self care. Especially during finals I make sure I treat myself runs, yoga, cupcakes and fine leather goods.

OK, kidding about the fine leather goods. But I am 100% serious about the running, yoga, and cupcakes.

Today I figured out a way to be holiday festive AND treat myself.

Seriously, if you are in LA and can get to Tavern you should treat yourself to this cupcake. I walked in to Tavern to get a hostess present for my family. I’m not kidding. My “bedroom” was transformed into a guest room a few years ago. Nothing from my youth is there BUT I now get fancy bottled water when I go home so I’m not going to complain. Plus, I love any excuse to go to Tavern. I saw this cupcake and I just had to have it. I swear, I’m a compulsive cupcake buyer/eater.

This cupcake is chocolate with marshmallow frosting (hence the height) and coconut. In addition to being adorable he was tasty. I don’t know how I decided this cupcake is male.

Man Eater.

The cupcake was good. I love the chocolate cake at Tavern because it isn’t too rich. This is probably a weird thing to say about cake, but it tasted expensive because it wasn’t too rich. I liked the marshmallow instead of a traditional frosting and coconut. My favorite!

For some reason, eating a snowman cupcake made me feel the holiday spirit. Tomorrow I head to Chicago and it’s probably going to start feeling more like Christmas what with the cold weather. I have to say, I’m at a bit of a loss on what to wear. I can’t wear my Toms, so clearly I’m totally lost. It only took 2 winters in LA for me to totally lose my ability to deal with temps below 50 degrees.

How do you get in the holiday spirit?


4 thoughts on “Treat yo self.

  1. Love Actually and going downtown to see the decorations – you should go to Christkindlmart in Daley Plaza while you’re in town! 🙂

  2. I’ve lived in LA my whole life so I’m used to this. I typically am not really in the Christmas mood when I’m working and doing my school thing. I don’t decorate much or really bother with cards. I don’t listen to radio (aside from KCRW or KPCC), so I can largely avoid the music.

    I do get in to the spirit when it’s time for the parties. Enjoy your trip to Chicago and stay warm!

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