Chicago Marathon Training Week 14

Welcome to the taper.

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 4 mile run

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 2 mile run (got sucked into a new hole and was late leaving for my run, whoops)

Friday: rest (I got my hair done, and skipped yoga so my hair wouldn’t get sweaty because my priorities are in order)

Saturday: 12 mile run

Sunday: Yoga. I pretty much kicked its butt. Boom.


  • I took my taper very seriously this week. The combination of having a cold and getting my hair done really did me in. The cold hit Monday and I felt like dreck. I average maybe one cold a year so the slightest cold pretty much turns me into a baby. It actually hit at the perfect time. I have more or less recovered from the cold but it hit after my 20 miler. Win. I did manage to gross out many Santa Monica tourists by snotting all over myself. Freaking out tourists? Double win.
  • 12 miles feels very short after running 20 miles. I felt great about my 12 mile run and I completed it in about 1:55 mins. I will take that as it’s more or less on pace with my last half.
  • Yoga is amazing as per the usual. I can’t wait to practice more post marathon. I will also be incorporating zumba in. I love running but I also love other things too and I’m excited to diversify my routine.
  • I am getting very excited for Chicago! How excited? I started writing mantras in my head while I was running. I also started to think about all the things I’m going to eat. And, most of all, I thought about how it will feel to finish a marathon. The next year is full of scary things like law school graduation, the bar, and finding a job. I really could use to emotional pick me up that the marathon will likely be.
12 more days!!!!!!

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