Chicago Marathon Training: Week 2

Happy 4th! I’m celebrating Independence by moving to a new apartment, freaking out about not having enough time to move to a new apartment and packing for my upcoming trip to Boston (post on what is going on with the Contessa in the next two weeks is upcoming later tonight/tomorrow AM so stay tuned).

I’m in a bit of a rush so I will make this quick.

Monday: 4 mile run

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 3.5 mile run

Thursday: happy hour at Silver Lake wines followed by a long walk around the Silver Lake Reservoir

Friday: 1 mile

Saturday: 7.5 mile run

Sunday: No yoga, moving related strength training.

Total: 16 miles, no yoga

Thoughts on this week:

  • I did better on my mileage goals this week, only 1 mile short of my goal mileage. My legs were really tired Monday and my run was pretty sluggish. I woke up early twice to run (Friday and Saturday). My run Friday was cut short due to unforeseen interpersonal circumstances which held me up in the morning. I was glad I was able to get at least one mile in. Saturday’s 7.5 miler was done at a run/walk. It was really hot in LA and I was running on major hills. I’m OK with run/walking. I’ve used that method to PR before and thus run/walking doesn’t scare me like it used to. I’m totally counting moving as strength training. Yoga was cancelled Sunday so no yoga.

How did I do on my goals?

  • I did better on my diet this week. I still indulged in office treats and cake but I ate balanced meals and stuck to only one splurge a day. I also ate correct portions. Wee!
  • I woke up early twice to run. I still don’t like it very much but it felt good to prove to myself that I could do it. I don’t know what to say. My legs just never feel awake in the morning.
  • My foot feels good this week! I did some stretching with it and it feels good. Keep your fingers crossed!

Goals for next week:

  • Since I’ll be in Boston I planned to take some training down time. I know that I will be walking around a lot in Boston which is also good. I bet I cover more miles walking in Boston than I would in LA with walking + running. My goal for next week is not to feel guilty about the training downtime. I knew this week was coming and I planned for it. There is nothing to feel bad about.

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