Family Business

I realize this is the second “business” related post in two days. I promise that I have some deliciousness in the oven right now which will be popping up on the blog shortly.

In the meantime, check out these amazing pictures my little brother posted of the food in Cameroon! The fact that my little brother, who was notorious for ordering “turkey on white bread with nothing else on it. Just the bread and the meat” when we were kids, is eating fish and fried plantains is shocking to me.

For a more detailed update on his food click here! He is visiting me for a week in August right after he gets back from Africa which means I’m going to have the duty of reintroducing him to American food. I’m thinking Susie Cakes, Tavern and Father’s Office (because he’s finally old enough to get in)!

What other American food should I make sure he gets directly off the plane from Africa? I take my duty as older foodie sister very seriously.

Also, I edited my About page! Oh yes, blog makeover is in progress people. 


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