Will I Ever Learn?

Probably not.

Yep. That is a burn line on the left side of my left leg and just the tops of both of my knees. Because “I don’t burn on my legs” despite all evidence to the contrary and when I say “evidence to the contrary” I mean despite the fact that I got a super painful burn on my legs during spring break freshman year of high school while kayaking in Florida. See, laughing at myself. The burn is actually book shaped. I’m pretty sure I will have demolished the entire Chelsea Handler catalogue by the end of this week. Can you blame me? She’s a funny lady.

In related news: Running with a burn is a terrible idea unless you want to feel very lightheaded and want your legs to feel burn-ey. Getting a burn while lounging poolside the day before my half is the new worst case scenario.

In food news I have a new obsession: Soba Noodles.

First things first, they only take three mins to cook. Where was this obsession during finals? I don’t know! I sauté up some Apple and Chardonnay Chicken Sausage (thank you TJ’s!), spinach, carrots and a dash of soyaki. Kind of a random combination but oddly, exactly what I wanted. Yay for low maintenance dinners when my legs are too burned to cook something high maintenance. I promise there is something glorious with scallops coming up tomorrow.

I’m off to take an ibprofin with my vacation vino and slather my legs with aloe!

Anyone have a sunburn miracle cure? You know outside of just being responsible and putting on sunscreen.


4 thoughts on “Will I Ever Learn?

  1. Ouch! Burns are nastyyy..definitely be religious with the aloe; i find that works the best!

    I’d love to try apple and chardonay chicken sausages – never heard of such a flavour!

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