Coffee recap

April 27th – III (3)

April 28 – IIIII (5)

April 29 – III (3)

April 30 (II) 2

Can of Diet Coke while taking an exam.

May 1 II (2)

May 2 (IIII) 4

May 3 (IIIII) 5

May 4 (IIII) 4

May 5 (IIII) 4

French Press (3 cups)

May 6 (II) 2

+ 1 Latte during my exam

May 7 (IIIII) 5

May 8 (III) 3

Medium Latte, Coffee in the library (illegal, don’t tell anyone), Large latte

May 9 (II) 2

Ice Tea +

May 10 (II) 2

May 11 (II) 2

Medium Latte, diet coke all consumed during exam

May 12 (II) 2

Large latte, cup of coffee all consumed during exam


Congrats to Whitney! Email me at to collect your prize!

Finals ended yesterday with a 4.5 hour exam that started at 8:15. So evil to have an exam that long start that early. Yesterday was a pretty epic day. There was Arrogant Bastard day drinking, Ethiopian food for dinner with friends, and dancing at the end of the semester party.
It was an awesome celebration of the fact that we only have one year left! This summer hold some fun adventures including plenty of event with blogger friends, a half marathon in San Diego, a trip to Boston, moving to a new apartment (hopefully), one of my best friends weddings, countless happy hours, epic meals and fun times ahead. I want to get back to blogging recipes and regular blogging (sorry for the random hiatus, finals owned my life last week).


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