What I Wore This Week: Party Edition

Who is a blogger falling behind? This girl! I have a good excuse though. I went to lots of fab parties and events this week! I had a Simmons alumnae event at The Bazaar, the marti gras party, a Fresh and Easy cocktail event (probably the best night ever, recap coming up shortly), and a blogger meet up! Whew. Plus I have a ton of work for school due in the next few weeks. But I cannot complain. It’s been super fun.

The Fresh and Easy event on Thursday was a “less fancy” cocktail party. It was warm out and I didn’t want to wear jeans. After a little thought I came up with this outfit:

Top: Navy Blue Anthropology top – on sale for $9 (!!!!!!!!!!)

Skirt: J Crew gold skirt (on sale)

Bracelet:Gold Cuff Bracelet, Fairfax Flea Market in LA

Jacket (not pictured): Ann Taylor Loft denim jacket

I cannot tell you how much I love this skirt and this top. The skirt was purchased at J Crew last May and doesn’t totally fit anymore (it sits low on my hips but I love it and wear it all the time. The bracelet is also a favorite. I got it for almost no money at the Fairfax flea market. It operates on Sundays and has some great finds! Because the skirt is loose I like to wear a fitted top with it. I got the top off the sale rack at Antro for $9. It was quite the coup. The top is fitted, navy, and has folding details on the top and side. I love this top and wear it all the time… like to Marti Gras and a networking event on Tuesday:

Top:Same Antro Top

Jacket: White eyelet cropped Milly jacket, Consignment

Pants: Dark denim Matchstick jeans J Crew

Same top, another way. For the events on Tuesday I had to move from a networking event to a party and I wanted to be comfortable. These jeans never do me wrong and it should be noted that jeans are acceptable almost everywhere in LA (so long as they’re dark). This jacket is one of my favorites too! I wear it all the time. The jacket is definitely preppy but with jeans it’s not too preppy. I’m in LA now, I need to tone down my prepsterness.

What is your go-to item? I love skinny jeans with flats, that Navy top, obvi, and cute jackets. Can’t go wrong!


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