Reason #543 I love being a food blogger

This was waiting at my front door at 8:45 when I arrived home.

Seriously. I. Love. Foodbuzz. Will be reporting back on these later.

Today was a crazy long day for me (it was Tuesday) but getting home to this package totally made my day.

Oh, and about this... as we know it’s been in the hopper for a while. I cannot wait to train for and run 26.2. Chicago is a fantastic marathon with tons of crowd and ground support. Plus its my hometown which makes it all the more special. As we know I’m running my second half in June and I plan to start my training after that is over. I will put together a training plan in May and keep you all posted but I am SO excited! Running makes me feel like I can do anything so to run a full before the end of law school and the bar exam means so much to me. Plus I’m itching to push the distance envelope so BRING IT ON CHICAGO!

What makes you feel better after a long day? Are you running the Chicago Marathon or have you in the past? Any tips?

fancy, fancy

Let me tell you a little story about why I love the Beverly Hills Hotel.


The Beverly Hills Hotel is one of my favorite places in LA. Probably because its fancy and the valets wear pink and green. I was very fortunate to spend my 19th birthday there several years ago. One cute valet in pink and green and a siting of Reese Witherspoon in the Polo Lounge later and I was hooked.


When I’m here I feel like everything is fantastic and safe and perfect. It’s also very old Hollywood. Let’s not lie, I really just want to be a 23 year old Eloise.

I made my triumphant return to the Beverly Hills Hotel last October when my friend David and I volunteered at a benefit for GLSEN. After manning the check in desk for several hours we unwound in the Polo Lounge with a cocktail. We also looked over a menu and made several key observations. 1) Monday the special is fried chicken and 2) fried chicken is less expensive than all the other entrees. We knew it would be a special splurge but we decided that at some point before the end of 2L we wanted to make a Monday trip to the Polo Lounge for fried chicken.

Tonight was that special night.

But first: What I wore, Beverly Hills Hotel (bathroom) Edition

Top: Navy Blue tank, on sale at Anthro for $9

Jacket: White eyelet cropped Milly jacket

Bottoms: J Crew Matchstick Jeans

Shoes: Black patent “leather” open toe sling back heels (not pictured)

The meal it’s self was small but the venue was beautiful. Pink and green striped awnings, deep velvet booths, and mirrors. Very Luxe and old California.

To start, compliments of the chef, we had duck confiet on crostini. The pic is a bit blurry (I refuse to use flash in a fancy restaurant).

But lets face it: we were really only there for the fried chicken. Holy freaking yum.

My friends, we have an heirloom tomato and cucumber salad, mashed potatoes, buttermilk biscuit, with green beans and gravy.

Why yes, they came in mini cast iron pots.

This meal was good. The salad was one of the highlights for me. It was crisp and delicious especially next to the chicken and the mashed potatoes. David remarked, and I agree, that the tomatoes were thick “meaty”. The skin on the chicken was so crispy and delicious. The green beans were just steamed a plain but, again, next to the chicken it was necessary. The biscuit was also so tasty! Small and super flakey. We also think there might have been bacon in the biscuit. Swoon.

The meal was super filling. We had planned to splurge on dessert but after the fried chicken we were so stuffed and decided to pass on dessert! I know, very rare for me. I must say that while it was a special occasion dinner which will not frequent be repeated it was a nice splurge and wasn’t too splurgey. Oh, and I’m about 90% sure we saw Ryan Seacrest eating dinner several booths over. Gotta love LA.

Have you ever had a celeb siting? Who did you see?

So far I’ve seen Harrison Ford, Reese Witherspoon, Joe Pesci, Jessica Simpson, the cast of Modern Family, the cast of Big Love, Florence Henderson, Jack Osborne, and John Lifgow.