Reason #543 I love being a food blogger

This was waiting at my front door at 8:45 when I arrived home.

Seriously. I. Love. Foodbuzz. Will be reporting back on these later.

Today was a crazy long day for me (it was Tuesday) but getting home to this package totally made my day.

Oh, and about this... as we know it’s been in the hopper for a while. I cannot wait to train for and run 26.2. Chicago is a fantastic marathon with tons of crowd and ground support. Plus its my hometown which makes it all the more special. As we know I’m running my second half in June and I plan to start my training after that is over. I will put together a training plan in May and keep you all posted but I am SO excited! Running makes me feel like I can do anything so to run a full before the end of law school and the bar exam means so much to me. Plus I’m itching to push the distance envelope so BRING IT ON CHICAGO!

What makes you feel better after a long day? Are you running the Chicago Marathon or have you in the past? Any tips?


9 thoughts on “Reason #543 I love being a food blogger

  1. Oh, I just read about that chocolate on the Vitamin G blog. You will have to let us know how it is! I’m insanely jealous about your package. I signed up for that program, but have yet to receive a thing!

  2. So exciting! Is this your first marathon? I have never run a full marathon, but Chicago is kind on the top of the list. I am even itching to actually register for it, if my tax return comes before the race sell out… Good luck! Keep us posted on the training! 🙂

  3. I just watched Spirit of the Marathon today and think you would so love this movie! If you haven’t seen it yet, it follows a couple of people (all with different paces and different running stories) and it is such an inspiring documentary and is about the Chicago Marathon and the sport of marathons.

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