running observations


  • It will always be awkward to run by my professors around campus. Always.
  • Why is it I can easily run 8 miles on Sunday but 3 miles on Tuesday feels impossible?
  • Post 8 mile run I had absolutely no foot pain. None!
  • My toes are looking gross again, it’s a sure sign I’m increasing my mileage. No pedicures for me!
  • I love the above picture for two reasons. 1) Snot rockets, we’ve all done it and 2) it was taken on one of my favorite streets on earth.
  • I have a new running play list and I will break down the anatomy for you at a later time.
  • I’m a total wimp and hate running when it’s under 55. This has been a problem the past few days. I need to toughen up.
  • I need to drink more water, again. That “hungry thirsty” feel strikes again.
  • I pretty much run so I can eat pizza. Stay tuned for “baked potato pizza” tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “running observations

  1. Lets also not forget…

    running for ice cream
    why is eminem inspiring after 6 miles?
    why do i not take my race chips off until the next race b/c i feel like a BAMF every time I look at it?
    i have learned every trick to running 5 days a wk and washing my hair twice
    annd my outlook calendar has my long runs on it and sometimes i skip happy hr to do interval runs on the treadmill. sorry for partying.

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