Public Service Announcement: You MUST cook this tonight

I intended to cook this weekend and post a fantastic recipe for you but I was sidetracked Jenna’s Channa Marsala.

Don’t ask questions; just make it for dinner tonight. I promise it will be fantastic.

Ok, I guess I can tell you why it’s so good.

Let me first just preface this by saying that if you don’t read Jenna’s blog you should, she’s one of my all time faves. Not only does her blog make me want to move to Wine Country and eat cookies with her while discussing books, she makes the best savory AND sweet recipes. Yes, there is a lot of liberal butter use which is fantastic. I’ve made her baked goods before and it totally delivered but this was the first savory dish of her I made. And I reiterate: make it tonight.

Other reasons to make it (besides Jenna’s awesomeness): it has an army of spices in it that add so much flavor (I actually, by happy coincidence, got a bunch of spices in the mail from my Mom for Valentine’s Day right before I made it- great minds think alike), caramelized onions, chickpeas, tomato paste with the sweetness “burned off” and also ginger! Not to mention it was very filling. I could tell you I made another entrée this weekend but that would be a lie… I lived off of this all weekend.

Just try it and you’ll understand too 😉


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