Stylish Blogger Award

I was recently tagged for a Stylish Blogger Award by Kate and Madeline! Thanks for tagging me 🙂

And now I am supposed to tell you 7 things you probably don’t know about me! Here we go…

1. The first thing I ever “wanted to be when I grew up” was a meteorologist.

2. I was obsessed with US Weekly when I was in high school and I read it religiously every week.


here is an example of an US weekly I actually remember READING


3. My favorite book is “To Kill a Mockingbird” but I also love everything written by Jhumpa Lahiri, especially the Namesake.


4. When I was in college I was on the Student Government Executive Board for two years. I served as Student Affairs Officer and VP! E board 06-07 and 07-08 represent!

5. My favorite TV show of all time is “Arrested Development”. I can reference it at the drop of a hat.

6. I didn’t strictly go to law school to become a lawyer. Crazy, I know. After working on social psychology and policy research surrounding race and education I wanted to go to law school to learn about critical race theory, civil rights, policy, government, and law. I love law and fully expect to practice but I also love government and policy. At heart, I still consider myself to be a social scientist and I want to have a long career crossing many different fields.

7. When I was in high school I once sneaked an entire lunch from Burger King complete with a large drink into a movie theater. I was a wild child.

Well, that’s that! I hope we all learned something new. I’m supposed to tag 15 bloggers but I feel like everyone I read has been tagged… but I will tag

Lea at Healthy Coconut

Melissa at Trying to Heal


5 thoughts on “Stylish Blogger Award

  1. Arrested Development is the best! Perhaps a AD viewing party is needed in the very near future. 😉 Whenever I ask Dan how he is I can’t help but say, “How are you Michael” in a Tobias voice.

    Also when we meet up for lunch I want to learn more about how you gained such a strong passion for your field(s) of law.

  2. Thanks for tagging me.

    I really liked your reasons for wanting to be a lawyer. I have in-house legal department at my work so I’m surrounded by lawyers everyday, and sometimes I wonder “why some of them wanted to be lawyers”. There’s always a story behind it.

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