Halfway There

Hey ya! Guess what? As of last Thursday I am half way done with law school! I know, I can’t believe it either. I feel like just yesterday I was in the fog of 1L and now I’m halfway done. Crazy.

My last final was a four hour long wills and trusts exam, of course I snacked on a Larabar during it. Seriously, I am incapable of sitting for more than two hours without a snack.

After the exam I stumbled out of the exam room with a delirious happy smile on my face and met up with some friends. Everyone had just finished and the obvious choice was to go day drinking. You know finals are over when I’m sipping a cocktail at 1 pm. We made our way to Enterprise Fish Company in Santa Monica for lunch and drinks.

Clearly, we were the only people who wanted fried seafood and booze at 2 in the afternoon.

The menu looked pretty good and there were many things I wanted to try but there was one dish that was the obvious choice: beer battered fish with sweet potato chips. Clearly this needed to be ordered and enjoyed!

Polished it off with no problem. I mean, all I’d had all day was breakfast and a larabar. The outside of the fish was lightly fried and delicious. The meal was heavy but it didn’t leave me feeling overwhelmingly icky. Just what I needed.

There were also drinks consumed. If you are a friend or frequent reader then you know I don’t love overly sweet drinks. When you go somewhere and order their specialty drinks you never really know what your going to get, especially if you order a sweet cocktail. I am happy to report the drinks at Enterprise Fish Company were sweet but not too sweet. They had real fruit and agave as opposed to juice and sour mix (ick sour mix).

Molly, David and I all started with the blackberry, strawberry mojito thing. I was a bad blogger and didn’t take notes on the actual drinks. Whoops. I can tell you that there was agave instead of simple syrup which was an excellent substitution. Also, notice how tired I look in the picture.

My second drink was similar to a screw driver with orange juice and vodka. Again, I believe there was agave in this drink but I wasn’t really paying attention when she said the ingredients. Others ordered it and it looked refreshing so I ordered it 🙂


After the meal I went shopping with Molly and nearly knocked over a mirror in H&M. Whoops. Also, I bought a turtleneck. I’m going to try and bring them back!

Is everyone done with work and finals? How fantastic does freedom feel?


7 thoughts on “Halfway There

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  2. Great job! You are done!

    Enterprise Fish Co. is a great spot for drinks and appetizers. I especially love their fire pit spot at night on the back patio. So mellow and a great spot for wine! 🙂

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