Go, Go, Go

Whew! Today was a busy day filled with studying and practice test taking which, as it would happen, was just the lyrics to a Bob Dylan song with some footnotes added. Very creative!

For lunch I was crafty. I made mac & cheese but added broccoli and salami!

I took it up a notch with salami that I got from Kaitlin! Thanks, Kaitlin, it was delicious!

For dinner I made an old favorite with a side of roasted Brussels Sprouts and it was amazing. For real: I am in love with the sprouts!

Tomorrow is my last study day before Evidence and then I have a week off before Wills and Trusts. Gotta hang in there!

Finals day 7

Cookies consumed: countless (+3) –> no  more dough balls!

Bagels consumed: 3

YouTube videos watched: holding strong at 7

Finals taken: 1

Marathon recaps read: countless…..


7 thoughts on “Go, Go, Go

  1. My count is pretty similar to yours (finals week over here as well!) … although I think I’ve watched more youtube videos than 7 over the past few days, not to mention catching up on Family Guy on Hulu 😦 haha…
    Good luck !!!

  2. Good luck with finals! Are you done soon? I was at the UCLA v Montana game the other day and it was SO empty there, even the student section. It took us a while to figure out that it’s finals week.

  3. Just curious – what text are you using for Wills & Estates? Altho I left probate work after 2 years – did really like the probate area classes.

    • We’re using Dukeminier, Sitkoff, and Lindgren “Wills, Trusts, and Estates” the Eight edition.

      I have to say, I didn’t think I would like Wills & Trusts, but I know its going to be on the bar so I though “why not?” Its turned out to be one of my favorite classes thus far. The cases are interesting and the casebook we used was great (and included the most entertaining footnotes I’ve read since Torts).

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