Now What…

Hey there gang!

Now that I am done wrapping up the meals from last weekend I thought I would update about what’s going on post half marathon.

Monday and Tuesday my legs were very sore, especially the front of my thighs. On Wednesday I didn’t feel sore at all and yesterday I went to yoga for the first time since August. I went to an easy beginners class and didn’t push it too hard. I ran 13.1 miles this week, I didn’t need to be a hero. The class was pretty challenging for me. My legs felt good but my hips were very tight and my arms were dying in down dog! I definitely have to go to yoga more.

I also just got back from a four mile run. I took it slow and it was pretty awesome. I think I’m back 🙂

I’ve also begun contemplating other races. For a second I thought about training for the LA marathon in March but I think I want more lead time if I’m going to run a full. But it will happen. Sooner than later.For now I will focus on Half Marathons.

Anyways, my eating this week wasn’t very remarkable but I did make a killer leek pizza. Last week at the Farmer’s Market I spied a glorious leek and had to have it.

For the pizza I used whole wheat Trader Joe’s dough. I cut an entire leek and sauteed it with EVO, salt and pepper until it cooked down. When it was almost cooked down I added chopped garlic and cooked until fragrant.

Then I rolled out my dough and arranged the leeks and garlic on the dough with a little bit more pepper.

I topped with cheddar and baked at 425 for 12 mins.


Homemade pizza is hands down my favorite low effort dinner. I like to change it up and not use sauce. It skips a step and I think this pizza is actually better without sauce.

I have an exciting weekend planned. Today was my last Friday class for a long time. Tonight it’s my friends “21st birthday” (in quotes because it is soooo not his 21st birthday, but we can pretend) tonight and tomorrow I am seeing Harry Potter at the ArcLight with the Committee. Should be a fun and hopefully productive weekend. What are your weekend plans?


7 thoughts on “Now What…

  1. Wait, what is this “Trader Joe’s” nonsense? Are you telling me the Left Coast Contessa doesn’t even make her own pizza dough?

    My father would be ashamed, if you were his daughter and he had taught you how to make a pizza…

    Seriously though, I’ve got a pretty good recipe that my father gave me and that I’d be happy to pass along.

      • The beauty of a good dough recipe is that it is simple enough to be adapted to almost anything. I need to search for it, but I’m sure it is somewhere in the depths of my gmail.

        Also, just because I’m kind of anal, my father has always stolen his dough recipe from somewhere else. Truth be told, my dough making abilities far surpass his. I’m willing to claim that my sauce making abilities have though.

        Have you never had my father’s world famous pizza? It’s world famous!

  2. TJ’s pizza dough is the absolute best but I have to disagree on the sauce. Tomato sauce is a necessity on my pizza! It’s the best part!! That might say something about the rest of my toppings though. 🙂

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