Brew Review: Newton’s Folly Granny Smith Draft Cider

As I have been blogging for the past few weeks, I seriously miss fall. Last year, my first LA fall, was a total novelty. It hardly rained and it was 80 into January and I loved every moment of it. But this year I am missing the changing of the seasons. One way I have coped was looking for seasonal beers. I still need to buy myself some Sam Adams Octoberfest. I realize that this isn’t the best fall beer by any stretch but it reminds me of Boston. I also want to find a really killer pumpkin beer. If you have a recommendation please drop a comment! I will likely go to BevMo! to search this out.

One type of beer-like drink that really reminds me of fall is Granny Smith Draft Cider. I had Woodchuck a few years ago at The Lower Depths in Boston (if you love beer and live in Boston you must check this place out) and I loved it! Cider is so light and tasty. Yeah, its kinda a light-weight beer but its so fall-like I thought having some might quell my New England nostalgia.

Since I already tried Woodchuck, and because I frequent Trader Joe’s, I tried Newton’s Folly Granny Smith Draft Cider.

This was a pretty good cider. My first thought is that I like Woodchuck better, but it has been a long time since I had the pleasure of having Woodchuck. Plus, this cider is pretty cheap and thus a good and easy option. It was light, just bubbly enough, and not too sweet or tart.

To recap: it was pretty darn tasty! I would like to taste test it next to Woodchuck to determine the true champion but Newton’s Folly is a good, convenient and a quality replacement. One fall craving satisfied! Now where can I get some cider doughnuts…


5 thoughts on “Brew Review: Newton’s Folly Granny Smith Draft Cider

  1. Beer Advocate is a good place to look for beers in general. They have a pretty good review system in place and the people who comment generally know what they’re talking about. I’ve never been led astray by them.

    However there really is no substitute for just going to a store and taking a risk, provided money is no object.

  2. Actually, Newton’s Folly is just private label Woodchuck, sold only at Trader Joe’s. It’s the same exact thing, from the same company in Middlebury VT!

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