Signs of Fall

Happy weekend! Sorry for a lacking of posts the past two days. Yesterday night I had a blast with my friend David. We volunteered at an event for Glsen and I saw the cast of Big Love, the cast of Modern Family (I told Manny where the bathroom was!), the screenwriter of Milk, and some of the cast of Dancing with the Stars. It was super fun but I didn’t snag pics. Gotta maintain cool around the celebs. I dad have red wine and a dirty gin martini at the Polo Lounge. It was fab!

I woke up this morning and high tailed it to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. Signs of Fall were everywhere! Love that crisp Fall air!

Beautiful, right? I love the farmers market. After a busy past 5 weeks I finally have a weekend with very few commitments (beyond 250 pages of reading, a group meeting, and a 1o mile run). I took advantage by cleaning my apartment and watching The O.C. I also have something epic in the works for dinner so stay tuned! I hope you are all having a fab weekend!

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