6 Miles + Pizza

Hey blog world!

Today has been an insane day. Between midterm studying, blogging like its my job, and cleaning I did manage to squeeze in a 6 mile run. I knew when I made my Half Marathon Training Schedule that I planned a taper week. Thank goodness this was it. After the 10 miler on Wednesday I needed a “short” long run. I had a great run. It was cool, overcast and wound up being super sweaty.

Afterward I was ravenous and I consumed several slices of pizza.

This pizza had onions, garlic, heirlooms, chicken and blue cheese with S&P on whole wheat crust. It tasted so fantastic after a long run!

Should be a busy week ahead. I have a midterm tomorrow, a special event Tuesday, and voting for Project Food Blog all week! Clearly I have to get a good night sleep. Hope you had an awesome weekend!


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