Friday Night In

Last Friday the “committee” (Catie, Leanna, Emily, and I) decided that we were ready for a night in after several weekends going out. I drove to the Glendale girls, made dinner and enjoyed some adult beverages. The day before we ex-nayed pizza which is my making dinner in a group go to. Instead we opted for quesadillas.

I made both traditional chicken, cheddar, onion, pepper and tomato quesadillas and “avaunt guard” quesadillas which had goat cheese and prosciutto (because I have an addiction).

Finished product! Canola is the key to getting the tortilla crispy.

These were so delicious and crispy. I love the warm melt-ey goat cheese. Emily said that these were magical, and I happen to agree.

We also made adult drinks using the Constitution shot glass that Emily got from the Nixon Presidential Library. It’s ironic ;).

We also had some of this…

Ladies night calls for peach flavored Andre! We talked and shared stories.

We also broke into this:

After reading Eat, Live, Run’s blog update Friday afternoon I *knew* I had to make these “lazy girl blondies”. I came back from a run around 5 and it took 10 mins to mix these bad boys. They bake for 30 mins and I literally pulled them out of the oven and took them into the car.

They were chewy and delicious. Eat, Live, Run will never steer your wrong, in my opinion.

So that was that. We talked, watched old episodes of “The O.C.”, and played games. Nothing bonds a group of girls like getting tipsy on some peach Andre! Hope you’re all having a happy weekend.


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