Brentwood Farmer’s Market

Normally I am very faithful to the Santa Monica Organic Farmer’s Market but today I decided it was time to branch out a little bit. I was on Montana in Santa Monica to attend a cooking class taught by my friend and cooking pro Scott. After learning how to make butter (!) I hit the Brentwood Farmer’s Market.

The Brentwood Farmer’s Market has more prepared food and gift items than Santa Monica. I got the essentials and then I wanted a small lunch. There were so many stands to choose from but one caught my eye.

All the sandwiches looked good but I really wanted to try the smoked salmon special! I heart smoked salmon and it was available in a half size which is perfect for me. I have early Sangria Sunday planned for later so I really only needed a small portion to hold me over. I placed my order and had to wait 15 mins. While I waited I watched the sandwich maker. I was completely entranced.

I grabbed the sandwich and made my way home to do some reading and enjoy my lunch.

I enjoy coming home because I can use my own supplemental food, rather than buying more while I’m out. My sandwich did come with a side of olives!

So delicious.

The sandwich had arugula, smoked salmon, dill and a cream cheese on whole wheat.

Worth the wait! This sandwich reminds me of one that I used to get all the time at Flour in Boston. The spiciness of the arugula and creaminess of the cream cheese with the cool smoked salmon was a great combination.

Overall, I love SMFM but I will probably go to Brentwood FM occasionally if the Saturday FM run doesn’t work.


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