Cleaning out my closet

Today as part of my vacation/cleansing before the semester starts I decided that I should clean out my closet. Don’t we all have that one place in our houses where we thrown everything? This is mine…

My head hurt just looking at this mess everyday. I mean, the shoe stack, the law books. This had to go. I have to say that I am a pretty good purger of things when I put my mind to it. I do not want to end up a hoarder and  I am type A enough to operate better in a clean environment. So I got cracken’ and actually found some pretty fun stuff in the process. Don’t you love when you clean and find random things from your past? I sure do.

First, I found pictures from college and high school!

Good friend, firm member, and former roommate Kat at the Clothesline Project Junior year at Simmons

Top is Jr. year Simmons Soiree with Alice, Pati, and Cristina from SGA Executive Board. Bottom is Grad Night with Brenna, Katherine, Claire and Melissa. Notice the white dresses? Yep. We graduate in white dresses because that’s now we roll.

Speaking of high school, I found a ton of t shirts! There was an inside joke at New Trier (my alma mater) that it takes three girls to screw in a light bulb: one to hold the bulb, one to screw it in and a third to make a t shirt about it. As such, I have an insane surplus of New Trier t shirts from every occasion under the sun.

Lets take a walk down memory lane…

Prom 2005. Why yes, the theme was candy land. A gratuitous opportunity to play “Candy Shop” by 50 Cent? You betcha!

Winter Carnival 2005. At New Trier the Sr. class always takes on a philanthropy project building Habitat for Humanity houses. In order to finance this the Sr class throws a carnival. Nice, right? Very nice. But don’t be fooled… that grad night party costs the same as building, like, three habitat for humanity houses. Just sayen’.

Shameless braggary. Oh the New Trier swagger…

DEM CLUB! Really more of a “we hate Bush” support group. Yep, I was a member because I have always been “left”.

And now from the Simmons Collection…

Women’s College Represent. I miss Simmons…

Remember this from Simmons Cup 2006?

Then I went through some clothing and found this cute skirt I bought when I was 15! It fits!I remember wearing this around New York City on my first trip with my Mom in July of 2003…

One final cute thing. Buried way in the back I found a Lexis swag bag which had a bunch of notes that I took during Orientation last year…

HA! How to read an opinion. Rule application. How far have I come? WOW! As comical as it might seem I remember being so intense and scared about learning to read opinions and what would be expected of me in class. I am so glad that I am starting 2L. Phew!

Here is the after:

Better. Overall, I had two bags of trash and I rearranged everything to be more accessible. I made a stack of things to give away, a stack of things to be taken in, and a stack of 1L books to sell.

After I was exhausted but I managed to find the strength to make it to Coffee Bean.

I opted for oatmeal raisin because it generally is fewer in calories.

MMM Iced Tea. I came home and went on a very good 4.1 mile run. After I had an insane pilaf mashup for dinner featuring goat cheese, okra, onions, and yellow pepper:

Very good. This is a marathon post. Hope you all enjoyed cleaning my closet!

What is lurking in your closet?



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