A little bit of this…

That’s right! It’s pickles on a whole new level. Yep, if Snooki could try it I figured that I could as well. For the record, Snooki was right. They are crunchy and sour at the same time. Not bad at all!

Where did I sample this culinary delicacy? Hamburger Mary’s at Drag Queen Bingo! If you are in LA you must go to drag queen bingo. I already like bingo. My mom and I work the bingo circuit in Marco Island. Yep, because I’m that cool. Drag Queen Bingo is Bingo on a whole new level. With call backs, throwing failed cards at winners, and dirty jokes galore it was super fun. It was a very nice night. Thanks to Danielle for organizing!

And now a little bit of that…

Okra freshness.

I love eating bright colors!

Tonight I went on about a 2.5 mile easy run and then came home and made a light dinner of Trader Joe’s multi grain pilaf and yellow peppers, broccoli, and okra.

mmm mmm gooood! Tomorrow is my first day of vacay! Woo Hoo! School starts in a week and a half and can’t wait to chill out! Later!


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