Kitchen Crisis

Last night I was greeted with a little surprise while doing the dishes: water gushing from under my sink. Ick. I decided that I cannot use my sink until this epic problem is resolved. This presented a small issue for dinner. I didn’t want to use the sink at all but I was hungry! I almost went to the prepared food section of Whole Foods. But then I thought, this is a challenge.

And who am I to turn down a challenge?

Thus, I produced this…

Ezekiel bread toasted, artichoke dip, spinach, radish, tomato paste, basil and goat cheese! This was DELICIOUS!


I will be having this again (probably tomorrow if my sink isn’t fixed!)

After dinner I ran some errands and while I was out at Ralphs I picked up this…

Post race splurgage? Why not!?

One final note: Yesterday in my post race energy wave I did some home improvement. My mom sent me some great, cheap gold frames which I hung in my stairwell.

I cannot wait to add more! You like?


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