This weekend is all about spending time with one of my best friends from college, Catie! Of course, we both wanted to go shopping so we went to Catie’s mall and hit up all of our favorite stores…

victoria secret for the semi annual sale

Forever 21

And then we made our way to our Mecca… Nordstroms! Did you know that as children both Catie and I had personal shoppers at Nordies? Well, its true, were soul mates.

I was 8 when Nordstrom opened at Old Orchard. Nordstrom is the best department store because there are so many personal touches that you would find at a really high end department stores like a cafe but they have great clothing and more affordable clothing also! Plus, a great shoe department. We didn’t actually buy anything… but we spotted this great top:

Twihard madness at Nordies

Then we did the only logical thing left to do after shopping: EAT! We hit the Nordstrom Cafe…

I love the Nordies Cafe because nothing ever changes… The table at Old Orchard are exactly the same!

Catie and I decided to split an entree which was a great idea. Catie is super healthy and eats a very balanced diet and inspires health in others (like me). We got a stir fry.

Yum! Can you believe this is a half portion? Its like a normal full portion that I would make for myself! The other benefit of slitting entrees is that you save money. I only paid $8 for this meal!

Yum! And for dessert? We went back to our roots…

With Boston Cream Pie! The cake was better than expected. Overall, the cake was moist and can you really go wrong with Boston cream pie? Of course not!

After pie we hit shopping hard! Highlights included buying a running bra because wearing a yoga bra while running is a poor choice, and size 6 denim Editor pants from Express for $20!!! Wee! I love a good deal.

Off to bed because I am wiped!


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