Farmer’s Market Friday

Happy weekend everyone!

Every Friday there is a small farmer’s market near my office. Yesterday some friends and I met up for lunch.

Please not the “certified organic here” sign. Welcome to LA, where we love our organic produce. I was planning on buying all of my fruits and veggies for the week Saturday so I bypassed the food stands and got a treat.

Roasted almonds were a sweet treat.

I haven’t a treat like this in a while. I mostly eat raw almonds which are so healthy and wonderful, but my sweet tooth definitely liked these better. And then I had this forgettable burrito:

The burrito was ok. I think when I consume this many calories in one sitting I want them to be epic and totally worth it. Was this worth it? Eh. Not really. I didn’t finish it.

Last night I went to the Magic Castle with Danielle and Josh Y. to see my friend Mack’s dad, Doc Eason (an award winning magician) perform. I had no idea the Magic Castle was so fancy and exclusive. You actually need an invitation to get in, like at Bungalow 8 in NYC where you need a key! I wore my Barristers Ball dress which still fit, thank god. Most of the dresses I own are size 10, because this time last year (ie graduation, commencement ball) I was wearing a size 10 dress. Now I wear a 6 and so my beautiful commencement ball dress needs to be seriously taken in. I was glad to have something to wear that fit me. The good news? Before I wore my Barrister’s dress in February I fasted from soda for over a week before wearing it. Yesterday I wore it with a burrito food baby and it fit well.

Plus, we saw Ryan Gosling by the valet stand as we were leaving. He is very hot in person. It made me feel 16 again.



Katherine FTW!

So the Magic Castle was magical (sorry I couldn’t help myself). I had a Hendricks Dirty Gin  Martini with extra olives plus Danielle and I split a lobster mac and cheese. It was tasty. No pics though, the Castle has a strict no camera policy. But I will say that its an awesome way to spend a night and a very cool LA thing to do.


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