Couch Potato Workout

Today was a crazy day for me between work starting and still adjusting back to LA. Finishing running errands at 7 pm plus a painful back sunburn deterred me from going on a run, although I am planning on going tomorrow. Instead I made a delicious dinner and decided to watch Glee and get my workout in during my commercial breaks. Working out during the Glee commercial breaks works for me because the show is upbeat and makes me want to jump around. Here is how it broke down:

9:08 – 9:12

  • Down dog shifting to plank position x3 (long deep breaths in each plank and down dog- applies to all down dogs)
  • Dolphin pose to plank x3
  • One leg plank to down dog, both sides x3 each side


  • 20 squat and bicep curls w/ overhead arm lifts using 5 lb weights in each arm
  • 20  squats with extending back arm lifts with weights
  • 20 weighted “wing” lifts


  • 30 weighted squats
  • 20 couch dips
  • 30 bicep curls


  • 1.5 min plank with a break in dolphin pose for last 1/2 min
  • 20 couch dips
  • water, feed the cat

9:49 – 9:53

  • 4 slow sun salutations

This was a pretty good workout for 21 min using items just around my house! Of course I would love to go on a great run but tonight it just wasn’t in the cards and I’m happy that I was able to come up with a workable alternative. The couch dips especially kicked my ass (and legs and arms)! I also used core workouts (plank, and plank to down dog variations) that didn’t make my lay on my back because it is uncomfortable because of the burn.

Afterward I celebrated with a small palm full of chocolate chips. Now I’m watching the new Jillian Michael’s show which is intense! Beyond her simply yelling at this family to workout, she’s having this family (from Wilmington, MA!) talk about their infant that died. Jillian is crazy intense but hey, she gets the job done right? Off to bed!


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