Finish off the Fridge

Today I am blogging to you from the living room of Carolyn’s house. Boston has been so awesome, but I haven’t had that much blogging time, so here come a TON of updates.

The night before I left I knew that I had to eat any perishable food in my fridge. However, I was up to the challenge. Dinner was…

an entire red pepper with hummus AND…

a fistful of roasted brussel sprouts AND

Buffalo mozzarella with roasted tomato and basil. It was so good. Everyone here knows how I feel about roasting and home grown basil. Plus, how can you not love buffalo mozzarella? You can’t.

Then I packed and got ready to jet off to Boston… Izzy knew I was leaving and was not happy about it.

See the look of disgust? And then, I was gone…


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